What's so good?
By Jason Grishkoff | Dec 12, 2011

Merry Christmas! In line with the holiday spirit, Hometapes just released a mixtape for free download, including "Boxing Day" by CYNE. While the release is, in whole, a wonderful folk / indie rock experience, this one track jumped out as a bit of an exception.

Perhaps like many of you, this was my first introduction to CYNE. Turns out their music is actually quite approachable. You'll no doubt notice that the backing for this song is quite harmonic -- atypical from what indie rock fans may interpret as 'typical' hip-hop. Personally, I enjoyed it enough that I sought out a few more of their songs. Turns out, they're all in a pretty similar vein, though I must admit that "Boxing Day" is a highlight.

If you too would like to hear more, you can check it here.
Jason Grishkoff
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