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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Simple Girl (Tiger & Woods Remix)

Nov 03, 2011

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With two EPs and a recent LP under their belt, all-American sounding Dale Ernhardt Jr. Jr. had made a lot of music followers happy the past year or so. November 15 will find another release from the Detriot duo in the form of a remix EP called My Love is Easy: Remixes Pt. 2. The newest EP will feature remixes and reworks by Memory Tapes, Pictureplane, and more.

Already leaked from the EP is Tiger & Woods' remix of "Simple Girl" from It's A Corporate World; a word of warning, it may cause unabashed head-bopping at your desk.

T&W have placed their very gifted, very dance-oriented hands on the single, remaking it into a chilled-out upbeat electronic song for any weekend fiesta. Billowing soprano vocals scat for most of the seven minutes, intermixed with coquettish xylophones and drum machines. It's smooth, lush, vivifying, and one song that will stay on rotation for the next few weeks.

For more Tiger & Woods, check out their recent release Wiki & Leaks for free download here.

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