What's so good?
By sweeneykovar | Feb 16, 2013

Another day, another Knx remix. At the ripe old age of 24, the Jersey native and L.A. resident has released about as many Bandcamp projects, an All-City Records LP, toured three continents, and collaborated with a handful of MCs and vocalists. What have you done with your life?

The latest entry in his vast digital discography is Hexual.Sealings.Pt.4.b-side_. I don't really know what else I could say at this point about the guy. Should I say he has the sweet tooth of a 9 year-old? Or that he takes his sock purchases very seriously? Maybe I should mention that he types on iChat the same way he titles his Bandcamp projects. Perhaps it's enough to say that he continuously finds ways to re-arrange classic from our childhood or that his ear for sampling is far from ordinary.

This particular tune, a re-working of D'angelo's pre-Voodoo classic, starts off smooth enough and then gets re-flipped halfway through... and yeah, that's your wig on the ceiling. Go to the Bandcamp and spend some of that cash you were probably going to buy weed with.