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Danny Brown - Grown Up

Mar 27, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Danny Brown is one of the few MCs out today that can live in multiple worlds. He can maintain among "real hip hop" heads, he looks like Williamsburg X Silverlake and it wouldn't be too far fetched to see Danny's face on MTV regularly soon. The Hybrid got him noticed by many and XXX cemented him having it. Scion recently tapped Danny for a free download "Grown Up" that has nothing to do with cars that look like toasters, but hey, gotta get traffic somehow.

Over ATCQ-inspired production, Danny kicks some verses about what he used to do, usually something not that cool, with the things he gets to do now, which are usually pretty cool. Rapping about then vs now is nothing new at all to hip hop but Danny's humor, honesty and creativity makes magic. My only bone to pick with this awesome free download is why a censored version? Danny without the curses is like cereal without the milk.
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