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Dench! - You Were Wrong

Nov 02, 2011

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Why do we like this?

Welsh label Dench! have just released this free EP to show off some of the talent on their roster.

The six track EP features tracks from up-and-coming house/garage/bass producers

from across the UK. What I really like about this EP is the clever, almost experimental nature of the featured songs. None of these sound like a recycling of somebody's ideas, and nobody here is trying to be the next Burial or James Blake.

So go grab this album for some exciting futuristic dance music. Our favourite track comes from the somewhat mysterious Vybem, and is four minutes of futuristic rnb house showing influences like Deadboy and Kidnap Kid but with it's own unique twist - and much more upbeat drums to go with a 140 tempo.

For more Dench!, head to their Facebook.

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