What's so good?
By sweeneykovar | Jun 26, 2013

Denitia & Sene have crept into the ears and hearts of many in the past year. Their sultry hooks and hip-hop influence make for a duo with wide appeal. After their excellent debut LPĀ his & hers. dropped in March of this year, I would suggest keeping an eye and ear on the duo.

To keep things moving through the beginning of summer, the Brooklynite duo just dropped the remix to "Casanova," one of the breakout songs of their debut. Retouched by Knxwledge, another young artist carving his own lane, the song makes the leap from sugary sweet pop jam to an early 90s New York hip-hop throwback. Where it was once a sultry groove, the young producer turns it into a head-nod suite. It almost sounds like Knx getting his Primo on, channeling the spirit of the era through his own devices.

Enjoy the remix, a free offering from the two and their very first remix. My spider sense tells me that this is just the beginning of a very hot summer for both Denitia & Sene, and Knx. Stay tuned.