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Dent May - 2099

Jan 02, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Instead of the traditional approach of writing a song in lieu of the holidays, Dent May went ahead and wrote one about the apparently impending apocalypse.

"2099" is a funky fresh dance track dedicated to living for the moment even "if we all die by a nuclear war/We're gonna go out on the dancing floor." Sounds like the best way to go to me!

There's a slight 80s feel with this song by ways of the ever so suave saxophone. Topped off by an unavoidably upbeat tempo and stacked synth tones, this makes for the perfect apocalyptic dance song, don't you think?

So whenever that day comes, have "2099" in your arsenal because that, my friends, is the true definition of going out with a bang.
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