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d'Eon - Thousand Mile Trench

Jun 24, 2013

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Why do we like this?

One artist who we've let fly under our radar is Montreal's d'Eon, who's futuristic take on R&B is something that we've had on repeat lately.

Reminding us (in method if not in sound) of the likes of Jai Paul, d'Eon makes what can only be very loosely termed R&B, using the genre as a base before branching out into elements of Chicago footwork and new jack swing, UK drum and bass, and trip hop.

You can read more about d'Eon's 90s influences in this excellent piece by Adam Harper, for Dummy. As for getting started on d'Eon we'd recommend his excellent Darkbloom EP, split with Grimes, and in particular the track "Thousand Mile Trench," which you can stream above.

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