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Eagles & Butterflies - Merkabah

May 07, 2013

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Highlighting both established artists and a few fresh faces, Hernan Cattaneo's label, Sudbeat, offers up its first ever compilation.

Available via Beatport, it's a well-rounded collection of warm tech house and melodic deep house, all with a journey-esque feel. On a whole, the vibes are fairly dark, true to techno's roots, but with all of that deep introspective determination in one place things can start to feel a bit murky. It's nice to be able to pull your head up once in a while, and "Merkabah" offers that breath of fresh air.  

Once again, Eagles & Butterflies crafts a tune that is as hopeful as it is curious. "Merkabah" is progressive in that its future forward-thinking beat will have you pondering all you can accomplish in life, rather than the opposite. I find it to be the stand-out track on the compilation, but I urge you to be your own judge. 

Explore the sounds of Sudbeat and for more on Eagles & Butterflies, follow him via Facebook.

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