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El Sportivo and the Blooz - Waking World

Dec 15, 2012

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Why do we like this?
How about a tinge of indie folk blues to add a bit of tang to your day? El Sportivo and the Blooz will surely deliver.

Their song, "Waking World" is a woozy, bluesy indie rock ballad that'll shmooze you into their arms. It's got all the classics: guitar, organ, slide guitar, simple drums and bass, and oh-so-sweet harmonies. Their style is classy and traditional, with a touch of modern day swag. Each instrument is like an ingredient to the perfect recipe when you're winding down your day.

El Sportivo and the Blooz aren't afraid to put a modern twist to their classic sound while still keeping the integrity of tradition, and that should be enough to give them a listen!
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