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Active Child - Hanging On (Ellie Goulding Cover Ft. Tinie Tempah)

Jul 10, 2012

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Why do we like this?

Whoa, Ellie Goulding covering Active Child?

"Hanging On" starts off with some lovely vocals (it is Ellie Goulding, after all) set against a deep, dark electronic soundscape. Just wait till you get 1:20 in, where everything perfectly melds together, cascading down into a liquid pool of deliciousness. Talk about ear meltingly good.

Tinie Tempah shows up halfway through, at 2:50. I wasn't really into the duet; Ellie could have easily carried that song by herself. But, I will say that it gives the song somewhat of an edge, and probably more mass appeal.

This song dropped less than 5 hours ago, and has already received thousands (43,000+) of listens on SoundCloud (the site even crashed for a little while as people clamored to be the first to hear it.) Must be because she tweeted, "Here's the beginning of my new journey. Enjoy and share responsibly."

Oh, we definitely will.

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