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Emerson Snowe - Bella Rose

Mar 06, 2013

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Why do we like this?

Emerson Snowe (aka Jarrod Mahon) is an electric folk musician living in Brisbane, Australia. Mahon is rapidly establishing himself as one of the Australian music scene's brightest up and coming, and it's easy to see why.

The depth in Mahon's vocal delivery and writing show maturity far beyond his mere 18 years of age. His lyrics are, frankly, beautiful. There's purpose and meaning behind each line, and an element of pure rawness and vulnerability in every single song. Themes of heartbreak, solitude, and the pains of growing up are universal, and a common focus for artists. Rarely, however, are such sentiments expressed so strongly by a musician, in a way that you actually feel a bit heavy-hearted when listening to their music. I don't mean that as a deterrent; you'll understand what I mean when you listen, I promise.

I really struggled to choose which Emerson Snowe track would be best to first introduce you guys to, because there are so many I would recommend. "Bella Rose" seems to be the common consensus as one of Mahon's best tracks to date, and it really is stunning. Emerson Snowe's EP is due out any day now, so keep a careful watch on his Facebook page.

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