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EPLP - Rattling Cages

Dec 14, 2012

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Why do we like this?
If the Ryan Gosling meme face (I trust you know what I'm referring to) made a track, it would be "Rattling Cages." Talk about appealing to a lady's over abundant need for attention! That pitched down vocal is all like, "Girl," and I'm all like, "What?" and it's like, "Girl," and I'm like, "Yeah?" -- aka "Rattling Cages" just keeps cooing at me, and I keep loving it!

Bristol-based producer EPLP seems unconcerned with sticking to the mold, preferring instead to inject an etherial quality into his productions, creating an ambience that takes the typical future garage sound to a new level of sentimentality. For better or worse, he is his own producer, and he's winning ladies over (or at least this one), so he must be on to something good!

"Rattling Cages" will be released sometime this month via the Hot N Heavy Recordings compilation Vol. 2.
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