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Erkka - Excommunication

Aug 28, 2012

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Sounds like: Com Truise, Zimmer
Why do we like this?
It might just be that I have a slight bias toward this song because "excommunication" is my favorite word (don't ask why). That being said, the preview for Erkka's single is still worth sharing, personal agendas aside.

Although it's not clear when the actual single is going to drop, the preview is definitely a must-listen. With a funky, dark trop-house melody, one SoundCloud user summed it up best, stating, "This sounds like the future in 1998." Whatever your personal tak might be, there's no denying the massive potential of this track.

So, dear Erkka, please drop this single. And drop it soon. We can all use more "Excommunication" in our lives.
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