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Fink - Hard Believer

Mar 19, 2014

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Why do we like this?

Fink is back with a soulful vengeance! And the opening siren of that Willie Dixon-esque bass is an auspice for their sixth album, due out this summer. 

What to expect from Hard Believer? Some familiar tender confessions and a level up from surprise collaborations with John Legend/André 3000 and The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

I began my love affair with Fink's new school blues about 5 years ago. The band's robust blend of folk and soul has helped to sustain my healthy diet of blues and all that the genre inspired. It seems that every album possesses a distinct growth, with sneaky little gems like "Maker" (off the album Sort Of Revolution) and Foot In The Door (off the album Perfect Darkness).

"Hard Believer" is a slow melting pot of emotive sustenance, if you tend to agree, download it here.

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