What's so good?
By Jason Grishkoff | Aug 16, 2011

The past week or two, I've found myself listening to the radio. Bizarre, right? Granted, it's only for a couple minutes at the time, but it seems that every single time I tune in I hear a disk jockey raving about this "brand new" Foster The People track called "Pumped Up Kicks." Now, if you frequently visit music blogs, you're probably on the same page as me: brand new?! That track came out what...a year-and-a-half ago?! Die, radio!

Anyway, I figured I'd feature a different song for today's Song of the Day, as I bet half of those who have heard their more-famous single haven't actually heard this one. Off their album Torches, the song has a multi-faceted upbeat nature that I could easily see tearing up a dance floor. I can't remember them playing it at SXSW when I saw them last, but don't be surprised if you hear this one at their next show. If you do, you'll probably be more clued in that your radio-listening "friends."
Jason Grishkoff
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