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Foxtails Brigade - The Unloved

Dec 06, 2012

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Why do we like this?
I'm totally and completely captivated by Foxtails Brigade. It's truly a lovely surprise when I hear such a gorgeous storybook approach to orchestral indie pop. "The Unloved" is a stunningly breezy song from start to finish.

As soon as it starts, it sounds as though you're being summoned to a fairy tale land, where all of your discrepancies and flaws can be left at the gate. Though this song is based on the premise of a lack of love, the instrumentals and vocals are so warm and welcoming that it makes for the perfect song for all of us misfits who can relate. Each instrument plays a role in twinkling its way through a plush and intricate atmospheric style that Foxtails Brigade encapsulates so impressively well.

I urge you to pick up Foxtails Brigade's newest album Time Is Passed. Their style sets the stage for a warm and fuzzy listening session during this cold winter season.
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