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Frankie Rose and The Outs - Candy

Sep 04, 2012

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Why do we like this?
As my longing for summer slowly dissipates with the cold, bleak weather that San Francisco continually brings forward, I find solace in listening to songs that remind me of the sunny weather that I miss so dearly. One song that always triumphs over many sugary-pop tracks is Frankie Rose and the Outs' 2010 sock-hopping diddy, "Candy."

The band's ringleader, Rose, aka former Vivian Girls/Crystal Stilts/Dum Dum Girls member, dutifully  delivers an evocative take on a vintage era while giving off a hint of lo-fi garage and a DIY aesthetic. Think Best Coast with a touch of Velvet Underground. Vivian Girls with a dabble of Cults. Any way you want to describe it, it's definitely worth exploring.
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