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What's so good?
By Philip Friedman | Dec 20, 2013 | Total plays: 17,536

There are few websites that can make me as happy as that of the British dream pop duo Futurecop!  Filled with gifs ranging from Pokemon to Tupac to an exploding Sega logo, it's pretty much a throwback straight to my childhood and makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  It reminds me of the times that I dreamt of being like one of my superheroes, and that's exactly the idea conveyed with Futurecop's brand new album Hopes, Dreams, and Alienation, just released last week.

Filled with 80s influenced, high octane beats and  midi tinged synthesizers, Hopes, Dreams, and Alienation is a trip back to simpler times paired with some great vocal collaborations, with the likes of Cavaliers of Fun, Patrick Baker, and Captain Capa.  One of the album's highlights comes in the form of a collaboration between Futurecop! and Kristine.

The track, titled "Superheroes," is a call to take on the world like you've never burned and love like you've never lost.  When I'm listening, I just can't help but think about Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, giving all of us from the Sega generation hope that we could be whatever we dreamed, with our own kick ass, synth-filled theme songs.

So go hop in your phone booth or pick up your controller, your destiny awaits.  And if that's not enough you can go scope out the official video over on Youtube.  It may or may not have been filmed in San Dimas.
Philip Friedman
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