What's so good?
By hmcclure | May 07, 2013

Out of all the great Aussie indie-rock bands going around, Glass Towers are one of my favorites. Their summery debut "Jumanji" was followed by the heavier riffs of "Tonight," a change-up I really thought worked for them. The Sydney four-piece have returned again with another single, their first release since their debut EP, Collarbone Jungle, dropped midway through last year.

"Halcyon" sits somewhere in-between their earlier material, with glittering guitar work quickly making way for frantic, driving choruses. Vocally, it's excellent, with Benjamin Hannam's range getting a thorough workout - falling from (almost) falsetto tones to his more well-known deeper voice.

Before their album drops, the band will be heading over to the Great Escape in the UK (after completing their Australian shows supporting the Kooks). Glass Towers debut LP Halcyon Days is due out in July.
Hugh McClure
Author: Hugh McClure
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