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Glass Towers - Tonight

Sep 06, 2012

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After the success of their single "Jumanji" back in February, we've had to wait way too long for some more from Sydney's Glass Towers. Their excuse has been a myriad of tours, combined with the completion of their second EP Collarbone Jungle. Produced by Jean-Paul Fung (Last Dinosaurs, Bluejuice), it's bound to be packed full of upbeat, highly addictive indie rock "“ especially if their latest single "Tonight" is anything to go by.

Heavier than "Jumanji," the emphasis this time is on deep bass lines and frantic, throbbing guitar riffs. Frontman Ben Hannam says "it is made up of a multitude of my own experiences, of all the house parties I went to when I was in high school." You can definitely feel a nostalgic undertone in this track.

With a bunch of shows coming up in support of the EP launch, Glass Towers are sure to make up for our patience with plenty more music. Collarbone Jungle is out later this month.

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