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GOVS - I've Never Seen a Ghost

Oct 23, 2012

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The Gold Coast is renowned as a bit of a party district, kind of like Australia's version of Las Vegas or Miami. It's where teenagers go once they finish high school, and it's not somewhere you'd anticipate would generate gorgeous lo-fi dream-pop. GOVS (young musician Josiah Birrell) is changing this perception, with his first single "I've Never Seen a Ghost" as proof.

"A bedroom, a couple of cheap mics, and a head full of restless ambition" were apparently the key drivers in creating this gentle, stirring track. Birrell's soft, reverbed tones combine sweetly with simple piano and percussion arrangements, with the track opening up towards the end. He also weaves spoken word samples into his music, adding to the ethereal vibe.

This is the first single from the artist's upcoming debut EP (due out early next year), hopefully more of the same.

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