What's so good?
By Jason Grishkoff | Jan 10, 2013

First up, let's be clear: the audio quality here could be better. The track was ripped from a live set by Four Tet, and includes some messed up talking-over-the-music toward the end.

Putting that aside though, this is like hipster heaven. Four Tet remixing 2012's hottest blog artist Grimes? OH LORD PLEASE YES.

Whether it is in fact really Four Tet's work is actually still up in the air. There's little doubt it was ripped from a live set of his -- but the YouTube title has a big old "?" in it. So up until about 10 minutes ago, things were pretty uncertain. That is, until Four Tet posted it to his own Facebook.

He still hasn't explicitly said it's his but...c'mon.

Update: Four Tet had this to say on Twitter --

It's just some track I made the other day using a loop from her record"¦no remix going on or anything.

I'm still gonna call it a remix, though.
Jason Grishkoff
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