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GROUNDERS - Crown Land

Nov 27, 2012

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I'd like to introduce the Indie Shuffle community to a Toronto-based band that is worth listening to. GROUNDERS is composed of Andrew Davis, Daniel Busheikin, Evan Lewis (of Australia), Mike Searle and Rob Canali, who started up the band back in February of 2010. The five are fascinated with opposites, and tend to fuse blurry bass riffs with electronic synth. The contrast is effective; the layering of variation in guitar instrumentation creates a platform for the quirky vocals to soar.

Just having released their debut EP titled Wreck Of A Smile, GROUNDERS describes it as taking a "lush, melodic and charmingly idiosyncratic" approach to their aesthetic style. "Crown Land" (along with three other tracks) is enchanting and immersed in a sublime wonderment.

GROUNDERS is an unsigned alternative band and a self-admitted "group of friends that coalesce into something simultaneously natural and incongruous." Enjoy the catchy tunes!
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