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By Jason Grishkoff | Oct 02, 2012 | Total plays: 1,493

Oh hey there, looks like Gypsy & The Cat are doing a bit of experimentation! We're used to them having a dreamy electronic-rock flare, but this new track "Bloom" totally channels The Cure.

The song comes as the second single off their impending sophomore release The Late Blue, due for release October 19th in Australia. What's a touch weird here is that the album isn't expected to hit the USA until 2013...which strikes me as slightly bizarre given the speed at which the internet moves. Surely if you release it in Australia, anyone who wants to get their hands on it stateside will do so?

I suppose that doesn't really matter. I'll leave you with some words regarding their shift in sound, from the band's Lionel Towers:

It's probably a bit more 'summery'. There's a little bit of world [music] influence in it. It's definitely different to the first album in many ways - there's lots more major chords. With Gilgamesh there were more minor chords. We're just doing what we want to do, like we always have. On the next album we might do something even different, but I think [on this album] we needed to do something a little more 'left' than the first album.
Jason Grishkoff
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