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Half Loon - Reverie

Mar 09, 2014

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Give a warm welcome to Half Loon, a five piece indie rock outfit from London. Half Loon is comprised of Daniel Pickard (guitar, lead vocals), Nick D'Amico (guitar), Simeon Cunningham (bass), Charlie Heaton (drums) and Aidan Clough (keyboards). They sound gives off a psychedelic vibe with surf rock reverb -- fans of Wavves and Yellow Ostrich will enjoy this one.

"Reverie" is a psychedelic tune with fuzzy guitars and bouncy drums that carry the track to its full completion. It's Half Loon's debut single off RIP Records, and for more of their sounds, you can follow them on SoundCloud. Hit Half Loon up on Twitter for news as we wait for music from them.
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