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Handbook - Delicate Wings

Nov 04, 2012

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Sounds like: Keor Meteor, 9th Wonder
Why do we like this?
Soulful does not even begin to describe this new instrumental track from Handbook. The York, U.K.-based producer is responsible for some of my favorite beats. I stumbled across "Delicate Wings" and knew within seconds that it was a winner.

Here's what Handbook had to say about the track, produced in memory of the late jazz/soul musician Terry Callier:

"Terry Callier died recently, something I felt sad about but I didn't really listen to his music. Today I stumbled across a track called "Butterfly". I felt moved and had to make something. I hope you enjoy it, and to those Callier fans, I hope it's a fitting tribute to an artist I need to invest my time in. Bless."

I may need to learn a little bit more about Terry Callier myself. In the meantime, I'm going to go live a little and listen to "Delicate Wings" a few more times.
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