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heRobust - Shawty Swing My Way

Oct 05, 2011

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Why do we like this?
This is glitch hop done right: 8-bit bleeps with funky synth all on top of heavy bass. heRobust, aka Hayden Kramer, has created a head-bopper with Albumin, an addicting set of 11 tracks that are incredibly fresh and distinct in sound.

Take the featured song -- a revamped version of K.P. & Envyi's hit single Swing My Way. With it, Hayden took something super old school and made it sound super future by twisting the instrumentals into complex patches of synth genius and busted up vocals.

His album is packed with songs like this; they're fun and uptempo enough to dance to, but chill enough for a lazy Sunday. Where else would you get such a versatile range these days? Favorite tracks (in addition to the featured) include "Half Fool" and "Hold On". Check it out by downloading his album for free via his Bandcamp.

Be sure to visit his website to see if he'll be touring in your area sometime soon, and don't forget to follow him on Twitter to keep up with all the stuff he's putting out.
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