What's so good?
By Justin Lam | Mar 14, 2013

It's been a couple of years since we last heard from Sydney's Hey Big Aki. They seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth after the release of their first EP in 2011, and not much was heard from them since. Well, I'm pleased to say that they're back in 2013 with their recently released EP Venera.

As you can probably tell by their name and EP artwork, there are  some evident Asian influences, but at the same time it's very much your typical luscious Australian indie pop that we as a nation are absolutely nailing at the moment. "Something To Go" best exemplifies the sextet's knack of creating catchy melodies and their extraordinary pop sensibility.

Those sparkling synths and tropical guitar lines head straight to your feet, and more importantly, straight to your heart. You can tell they've been hard at work after hearing how much tighter the production has become -- it has surely been worth the wait!
Justin Lam
Author: Justin Lam
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