What's so good?
By Justin Lam | Aug 20, 2013

Combining Hey Geronimo with a "Lazer Gun Show" seems dangerous at the very least, but let me assure you the result is spectacular. It's been almost a year since I last featured the Brisbane quartet on Indie Shuffle, but it was surely worth the wait, as this latest single demonstrates a welcomed refinement in their sound.

I've always likened to them to The Vaccines, albeit a much more happy-go-lucky version. The key ingredients here are the simple, but infectious melodies, not to mention enough energy to power an entire city. I find myself shouting "Hey! Ho! Where did the sun go! It was evicted by this Lazer Gun Show" for absolutely no reason at all -- it's just that darn catchy.

Currently on a nationwide tour with Pluto Jonze, it would be an absolute crime not to catch them at a town near you!
Justin Lam
Author: Justin Lam
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