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Indian Wells - Wimbledon 1980

Jul 08, 2013

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Why do we like this?
With Andy Murray ending the 77 year-long British drought in Wimbledon this past weekend, I thought there was nothing more fitting than sharing a track called "Wimbledon 1980."

Filled with some amazing tennis-related samples, including a beat built around the sound of a tennis ball being hit, Italian producer and tennis fanatic Indian Wells has put together the ultimate chillout track centered around the epic championship of McEnroe vs. Borg. This comes off the 2012 release Night Drops, which you can download here via Bad Panda records for an affordable "name your price."

Indian Wells proves that tennis and electronic music do, in fact, go together -- just like a hand holding a racquet. So, congrats to Andy Murray and all of Great Britain on the Wimbledon championship; the rest of us will just relish in our own tennis glory with the best that tennistronica that Indian Wells has to offer.

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