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Insightful - Scale It Back (Insightful Fondle)

Jun 21, 2012

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Why do we like this?

This always happens. I attempt to blog about one track, and then fall in love with five more along the way.

Insightful offers up a fine dose of hip-hop influenced chillwave with an experimental edge similar to that Eastern Developments sound. Wrought with sampling and all kinds of pops and blips that may or not be from a record itself, the music moves along like nostalgia.

Insightful (a.k.a Matthew Suggett) is from the West Coast and you can certainly hear that sunny influence in his tracks. Check out his SoundCloud and stream that ish for a perfect start to the day.

Oh, and just so I feel like a more efficient/relevant blogger, please give his newest track a listen!

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