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Iroc Mics x Tonio - T W A (Till We Arrive)

Jan 13, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I recently featured a hip-hop track from Dallas MC Tonio, who impressed the hell out of me with his finesse and wordplay. Then he hit me up on Twitter with this new track he's got, featuring a fellow Texan Iroc Mics. I'll be damned if this isn't some of the freshest hip-hop I've heard in a while.

The beat, provided by producer Potillo, knocks. The verses are what I've been missing on Lupe's latest albums. I can feel the youth. I can also feel the maturity. Get elevated. "T W A (Till We Arrive)" has me excited for Tonio's EP, which should drop sometime this month. The track also has me thinking I should pay more attention to Iroc Mics.

No hard feelings rest of America, but Texas is spitting that hot fiya right now.
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