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J Dilla - Fuck The Police (J.Rocc Re-Work)

Jul 11, 2012

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Sounds like: J Dilla, Madlib, J. Rocc
Why do we like this?

J. Rocc of the legendary Beat Junkies is one of the best DJs on this planet. The Cali-representative is one of the very few turntablists that can seamlessly and naturally segue from hip-hop to break-beats to funk to jazz to Brasillian music and back to hip-hop.

When aficionados talk about how a DJ can be transformative and can make that leap from just playing records to affecting your understanding of music and lif, through his performance, J. Rocc is who they're talking about. So it's no wonder then that luminaries from Blackstar to Madlib have developed musical relationships with the man. In the mid-2000s, he was given the chance to become the official DJ for Jaylib, the collaborative effort between J Dilla and Madlib before the former producer returned to the essence.

As a result of these relationships, J. Rocc also has access to the kinds of material fanboys gush over. That is how this Dilla remix we are featuring today began. Armed with the multi-tracks for "Fuck The Police," one of Dilla's classic, as well as the sample for the track, J. Rocc went to work on this re-work that keeps the aggression of the original but tempers it with the groove of the sample, making it a dancefloor sureshot.

Being a world-famous DJ also means being selective and particular about how you utilize the vast material at your disposal. Here, J teases us with a snippet of a fantastic rework he says may never reach the light of day. Your best bet is to try and coax him into playing it live if you are lucky enough to see this man perform. Usually DJs are not fond of requests, but if you go up to the DJ booth asking for this particular gem, there's a chance he might oblige.

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