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J. Rocc - Anytime

Jul 06, 2013

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Why do we like this?
If you ever get the chance to catch J. Rocc live in action, you should do yourself, your body, and memory a favor and pony up the cover charge to do so. Outside of the DJ booth he may be merely flesh and blood, but once he steps behind the turntables and mixer, he transcends. Controlling the fader with the precision of a machine but the intuition of a master, J. Rocc is simply the illest.

But that's not the point today. While many recognize and revere him for his talents, he is not as well known for his production abilities, though on the low, he is pretty damn good at that, too. A quick browse of his SoundCloud page shows several demos and snippets of production projects that hint at a great potential, and his Stones Throw LP, Some Cold Rock Stuff, showed the discerning listener that this man is ill in many disciplines.

As I was browsing his page recently, I stumbled onto "Anytime," J's take on the popular Janet Jackson sample used by Scoop DeVille and Kendrick Lamar for the smash "Poetic Justice." J's version is a bit more trapped out but doesn't forgo the velvet musicality of the sample for the sake of hi-hats. Utilizing his surgical abilities as DJ, J finely chops up Janet of the 90s and brings her into today. Too bad it's just a snippet; give us the full version, J!
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