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James Blake & Bon Iver - Fall Creek Boys Choir

Aug 25, 2011

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Why do we like this?
James Blake & Bon Iver have just put out a new track together. "Wait, what? Did I just read that right?" Yes, yes you did. While this may not be as epic as the recent Kanye/Jay-Z collab in the opinion of some (it is) you can bet its making noise in the indie world since it's a beautiful, soul-filled track featuring two giant artists in their own respective worlds.

So yesterday, James Blake and Bon Iver went on BBC Radio One to premiere a song they worked on together titled "Fall Creek Boys Choir." Apparently they met at SXSW this year and decided it'd be a good idea to stir up the pot by smashing together their genres. Let's be real though, this song screams more James Blake than Bon Iver. It has that the expected James Blake vocal loops plus his typical at-times-fast, at-times-slow faux-dub style written all over it.

Bon Iver occasionally pops in with his beautiful folk voice and some piano to remind you he participated in the creation of the track, but for the most part you'll be left feeling like you just listened to a new James Blake release after all the reverbs and electronic beats. It's a great track but I'm still confused why there's a barking dog sample in the background. I also have to admit that, due to my love of both artists, I was keen before even listening. Made me wonder -- perhaps overhyped? No matter what, still a good listen.

This exclusive track will be available on iTunes starting August 29. For the time being, you can try to figure out what the fuck they are saying since the lyrics are, as usual, indiscernible. So far, YouTuber dsuther84 has gotten the closest: "My favourite lyric is "i may funinloneno nooow I payy phone do lone dee lone Zobi dombi dombi dome". Bravo, dsuther84, bravo.

Be sure to follow James Blake on Twitter for all future updates, since he's been releasing all the mysterious development details via his social media outlets.
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