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Jamie Lidell - What A Shame

Nov 16, 2012

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Known for his contributions across the board for musicians like Feist, Grizzly Bear and Gonzales, UK-born Jamie Lidell uses a diverse span of electronic layering and textured sequenced melodies, which classifies him as the voice of a new soul era.

After he captured the eardrums of many with his soulful single "Completely Exposed," he tackled a new number titled "What A Shame." The track plays with the post-dubstep genre, combining heavy bass and expressive experimentalism. His mixture of honey-coated vocals, effortless electro riffs and funky grooves make all of his tracks - especially this one - worth exploring, even if you are only hearing about him for the first time.

Lidell's new self-titled full-length album is scheduled for release on February 19 (February 18 in the UK) through Warp.

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