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Jeremih - Fuck U All The Time (DPAT remix)

Jan 13, 2013

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Sounds like: Jeremih, Shlohmo, Siik
Why do we like this?
Here's an excellent Jeremih refix, by way of beatmaker Siik. It may even be better than Shlohmo's version. It's certainly more chilled out.

Dwayne covered the original back in October, writing "Fuck U All The Time" encapsulates "sexy, gloopy R&B at its finest." This time, I think it'd be closer to gloomy than gloopy -- there's something dark about it. It's in that bass, those edits and drops. It oddly reminds me of The Weeknd. Maybe it's the black and white photos and the layer of enigma surrounding the artist.

DPΛT's a relatively mysterious producer from Houston. You can download his EP for free, and apparently he's got another EP with Sango coming out soon. Exciting stuff. Until then, you should listen to other great songs, like "Lust You/Over You" and "You, Tonight" over on his SoundCloud.
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