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Jesse Boykins III - The Perfect Blues

Jan 31, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I've already covered a remix of Jesse Boykins III's track, but the original came up in my feed today, so here we (I) go again.

Jesse Boykins III's music is sodden with R&B influences, seamlessly bridging the electronic chasm with effortless symbiosis. His exponentially sexy vocals intertwine with halos of synths floating in the background, and, damn, it's good. Me, I'm trying not to swoon too much in front of my roommates while I review this track.

Although this is titled "The Perfect Blues," I find it to be the very opposite of sadness. And maybe that's exactly what the perfect blues are... looking right over the edge into the spectrum of melancholy, but not so much so to lead down the path of the pervasive sadness that is blues.

For more from Boykins, check out his SoundCloud here.
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