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Joey Bada$$ - Waves

Jul 05, 2012

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17-year-old Brooklyn emcee Joey Bada$$ has been blowing up since his first music video for "Survival Tactics" hit the Internet, due to his dense lyricism and return to 90s style boom bap beats.

Now, the emcee has dropped a music video for "Waves," another standout track from his impressive debut mixtape 1999. Over a laid back jazzy beat, Bada$$ drops rhyme after rhyme about his hip-hop dreams -- such as "meeting Hova and putting my momma in a Rova" -- with such lyrical prowess that he doesn't even need a chorus to hook listeners.

Directed by Va$tie, the video follows Joey Bada$$ through an average day of his life, from waking up and going to high school to taking the subway and rocking the mic in front of a crowd filled of adoring fans at night.

Watch the video here.

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