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What's so good?
By Elizabeth Walker | Jan 20, 2013 | Total plays: 4,514

Spain's John Talabot is hands down one of my favorite electronic music producers from 2012. His album Fin is absolutely outstanding, and his live sets are nothing short of breathtaking.

Music is all about experimenting and expression. In this generation, there is an endless well of creative methodologies and minds making music, be it electronically or organically. For me, the biggest wins are when musicians are able to successfully incorporate dichotomous elements within their tracks, or something extremely out of the box.

Now why the cerebral tangent? Talabot's "Oro y Sangre" does just that, taking Balearic singed synths and snares and overlaying an intermittent scream. Clearly not an arrangement that would have been used 50 years ago, but the polar natures work together absolutely stunningly.

For more from the talented Mr. Talabot, make sure to listen to Fin in it's entirety if you haven't already.
Elizabeth Walker
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