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Jubilants - Spain

Mar 16, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Sydney four-piece Jubliants' debut single "Antics"  reached the dizzy heights of #3 on the Hypem charts last year - pretty good going for a band's first attempt. After the high-school friends spent the latter part of the year on various adventures around the globe, they're back with a new offering, the appropriately named "Spain."

Indie pop is striving in Australia, with bands popping up all over the place. Despite this glut, Jubilants have all the ingredients necessary to carve out their own niche. Starting cautiously and deliberately, "Spain" really opens up when the first chorus hits. Smooth and energetic, this track draws comparisons with Foals' work, highlighted by their use of sparkling, enticing guitar and tropical percussion.

With their travels over for now, hopefully there will be a lot more of the same from the guys coming up. For now, you'll probably get some pretty good mileage out of "Spain".
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