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Julia Lewis - Tell Me Everything You Are

Apr 26, 2013

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Why do we like this?
San Francisco is a city that does not disappoint on the dynamic range of artists it puts out yearly.

Adding himself to this long list is artist Benjamin Falik. Going by Julia Lewis, an instant eye-catch, he is rapidly prolific and a rising beat maker/producer from this great City by the Bay. With ease throughout any particular and given track, Falik demonstrates his ability to play with sound, creating a vast histogram of musical styles. Julia Lewis takes the listener on an auditory journey that can evoke some serious dancing to the subtle slow clap. Regardless, it makes you listen and want to move.

As if his music making wasn't impressive enough, Benjamin also heads the creative vision of all things Julia Lewis, including creating his graphic designs/album art work and recently playing a major role in the creative conceptual process of Julia Lewis' first music video, "Tell Me Everything You Are," which drops today.

Artists have increasingly become more well-rounded and versed in many areas; and Falik  is showing signs of a true "Renaissance Artist," if you will. A very new and fresh act to follow. Loving and looking forward to more things Julia Lewis.

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