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Just a Band - Life Of The Party

Nov 12, 2012

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Why do we like this?

If Just a Band was based in New York City, they may have already taken the world by storm. No matter. I'm still confident they'll break into the scene with a random splash, and everyone in the West will just have been late to their party. They're music is fucking electrifying.

Just a Band is a Nairobi-based self-proclaimed super-nerdy music collective that makes Afro-pop electro music. Sorry for the Delay is their third studio album, "a collection of songs about life and death, light and darkness, fun, laughter and friendship (good and bad)." It's a mix of jazz, house and experimental, with their one-and-only funky touch. I'm super impressed. Their ability to interweave multiple sounds comes off as incredibly unique -- this is African-inspired DJ music you definitely haven't heard of yet.

As my friend Julianna Rotich put it:

"They have found a DNA within Kenyan music that goes back into the past, bringing something into the present and is yet still forward looking into the future."

Every track on this new album is a forward-looking winner. Personal favorites include "Thank You / Rebel And A Cause" and "Looking For Home." If you're interested in finding out more about their older work, I recommend starting with their awesome music video Huff + Puff.

You can check out Just a Band on their website, and learn more by reading AfricanDigitalArt.com's interview with them back in 2009.

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