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Karin Park - Thousand Loaded Guns (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix by Maya Jane Coles)

Aug 07, 2012

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Karin Park, singer-songwriter from Sweden, has been noted for her characteristic voice and alternative take on underground electronica. With a voice that I find sounding strangely similar to The Knife/Fever Ray's Karin Dreijer Andersson (she shares the same producer, Christoffer Berg) her industrial way of making dark, "electro goth" electronica is a noteworthy element consistently portrayed throughout her music repertoire.

Park's most recent album release titled Highwire Poetry received pretty decent reviews, some saying her music sounds like "zombie hymns" and giving her praise for creating an "arresting introduction." One track that has been respectfully noted among many bloggers is "Thousand Loaded Guns" and today, thanks to remix master, Maya Jane Coles, I give you a revved up rework full of magnetic basslines and enough dark atmospheric beats to fill a black, vacant basement.
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