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What's so good?
By Elizabeth Walker | Nov 12, 2011 | Total plays: 14,352

Although not a new track from this year, Nicolas Jaar's remix of Kasper Bjørke's "Heaven" is still more than noteworthy. What can I say, it's just... uh, heavenly.

This remix is solid, showcasing flippant piano/jazz saturated with smoky vocals

and soft clapping. Jaar's quintessential musical equation does not fail to make an appearance as he reels back each element in the middle until the track is almost at a standstill. It's basically like a reverse build up, and he executes perfectly every time.

Nico utilizes the darker, more sinister elements in his remix, a demonstrative perspective on an already quality track. The original has more of a foreign lounge feel, like how one would imagine an evening dining in a 1954 Rome.

2011 has found our boy Nico busier than ever with the release of numerous remixes, an LP, and a few EPs to boot. Check out his 6 Mix with Azari and III for a limited amount of time via BBC Radio.

Elizabeth Walker
she told me add the bass line | and everything would be fine