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Keishaleisha - Should I (New Brazilian Orchestra Version)

Dec 30, 2012

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Why do we like this?
It's possible to judge the success of a musical fusion by its drink-ability, and "Should I" comes down effortlessly smooth.


We can thank self-labeled hip-hop instrumentalist Häzel and his new band, New Brazilian Orchestra, for the beachside affair. Although the Paris-based producer's mother hails from France, his father is a native of Brazilian tribe Carajas, and surrounded his son with new tunes as a radio DJ of the 80s.

Hazel's musical destiny was set after discovering Dilla, and he has since then worked with a slate of talented musicians from Drake to Onra, and of course Keisha and Leisha. The voices of the Canadian sisters are an essential part of this mix. The duo are inspired by the sounds of soul and their passion vibrates through the rhythm.

Check out more from the talented vocalists on SoundCloud and follow New Brazilian Orchestra on Facebook for a free download of "Should I."
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