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Kimbra - Two Way Street (Beni Remix)

Jan 19, 2012

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Sounds like: T.E.E.D., Penguin Prison
Why do we like this?

Kimbra, as you may have heard, is the Australian singer partially responsible for the "Somebody That I Used To Know" phenomenon. You know, that Gotye track that has 44 million views on Youtube. The single that has gone gold all over the world and been remixed, mashed-up, and flipped by every producer and his or her grandma.

Well, she is no one trick wonder. Which means she has a lot more material just begging to be remixed, mashed-up, and flipped some more.

Enter fellow Aussie and house DJ/producer Beni, who has been tearing it up as of late and has several shows coming up in California. He remixes "Two Way Street" out of the jazz club and right on to the dance floor. It's self-described "minimal house," but carries elements of future garage that fit right in with the sounds coming out of the U.K.

Expect a lot of Australian imports this year here in the U.S. They know how to make good music and they know how to party. Check out more Aussie music here on Indie Shuffle.

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