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Kito & Reija Lee - Sweet Talk

May 07, 2011

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Why do we like this?
Just when I think I'm ready to pull the plug on dubstep, James Blake throws out the initial hook and Reija Lee reels me in. Mad Decent recently released Sweet Talk, the first EP from Australian dubstep duo Kito & Reija Lee.

Lee's bio words a fitting preview for the twosome: "Expect Kito's pop-infused, clean production style paired with Reija Lee's energetic, fresh vocals - relatable but full of attitude, ranging from youth party anthems to deeper, ethereal sounds."

The EP's leading track "Sweet Talk" is a musical testimony to the level of understanding these veteran friends have between each other: Kito's bass-heavy production never overwhelming and always complimenting Lee's vocals in one hypnotic jingle.

Whatever amount of finicky fuss may be slapped onto dubstep, one thing the genre continues to prove is its cyclical ability to surprise us in a mind-jogging seesaw on the brink of audio indifference one minute, then rejuvenation of the last best thing the next.
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