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Knxwledge - letme [knx]

Oct 18, 2012

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Sounds like: Ras_G, CAKE DOG, Teebs
Why do we like this?
What a rascal! On pace to drop two dozen Bandcamp releases before the year is out, Knxwledge is obviously not sweating conventional methods of releasing music.

Shit, the song we're streaming isn't even from his latest online drop, or from the one before that! While some may question if this method is over-saturating a fanbase into exhaustion, currently young Knx can't find two fucks to give. He is a bit too busy taking your favorite songs from junior high, cramming them into his strangely tuned brain, and dumping out some marvelous shit.

Enjoy this flip of everyone's favorite "Baby Girl" and keep hittin' that refresh button on his Bandcamp, you never know when the next batch will come.
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